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Hey thereeeeeeeeee!


I’m Amber. Glad you're here. 


I'm a big fan of growth, personally and professionally. I believe we all deserve to live our best lives because well, we only get one – why should we live it on someone else’s terms?


I grew up in the small town of Ellsworth, WI which is where I currently reside with my partner, Luke. Although I love the privacy, small-town community feeling, and let’s not forget the cheese curds (!) that our town provides, I also crave the variety and options the city provides. I like to say we get the best of both worlds being just a short drive to Minneapolis/St. Paul.


I'm super passionate about people and stories. Ask anyone about my story telling abilities and they'll tell you I'm here, then I'm there, and altogether, I'm everywhere. NO SHAME! These two perfectly (sometimes) balanced beauties is why I choose to chase people around with a camera any chance I get. I love to capture the little things and the moments that we can't always get back. I photograph couples, weddings, big days, seniors, families, and everything in between, and I pour my heart into it too. To see my work, click here!


If we’re going to work together, you’re going to learn a lot about me (I’m an open book, brace yourself), so I better learn a little about you >>> tell me here! Drop me a few lines about what we’re snappin’ and lets make some mems. Looking forward to it! 



Whether it's a short road trip to the other side of the state or a flight across the pond - I'm always looking for somewhere new to check out. My most recent international trip was to Thailand with my husband.