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I chase people around with my camera. I freeze time, if you will. One of my biggest goals in life is to make people feel comfortable. Comfortable with who they are and how they choose to express themselves. I think that shows in the way I choose to photograph people and places. I’m inspired by what makes us different, and I choose to see the good in almost everything.


I’m a small-town Wisconsin gal that likes to venture to the big city every now and again.  If I’m not snappin’ pics, editing, or binge watching crime shows I’ve seen 10 billion times, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, planning my next adventure, or doing something new.


My husband and I like to spend our time staying-in, playing board games, making trips to Menards (homeownership, ya feel?), going new places, and staying active. We recently welcomed our second child, and are positive that parenting has been the most challenging, yet rewarding job we've ever had. Most of the time, we have no idea what we’re doing, but we seem to be doing alright. 

Now that you know a tidbit about me, tell me about you!


I can’t wait for what we’re about to create.



fun facts



I love to cook. The less instructions, the better. I consider my soup making capabilities to be a talent. PLUS, what’s better than being able to throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and call it a meal?

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