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Wisconsin Golf Course Proposal - Spencer + Aubrey

A few days before the big day, Spencer reached out about his plans to propose to Aubrey on Saturday afternoon. Of course, I was SO EXCITED - and was honored that he wanted me to be a part of such a special moment. Then, the planner in me says "so what's the plan" and Spencer throws out a few details and says "well you know me, I'm kind of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy" 😂.

Saturday comes around, and I get a text from Spencer that says "ok we are teeing off, please don't text back unless you need something" - clearly the nerves had set in! Spencer's friend, Corey, called me about an hour later to let me know it was time to head over. I arrived to see so many friends and family members just awaiting the big moment. Everyone was so excited and also wondering how the heck we were going to pull this off!

Aubrey and Spencer were golfing with Aubrey's parents, and just before they got to the last hole, Spencer's friends, Corey and Joe, set the stage. There were roses set up in the shape of a heart surrounding the hole, and golf balls that read "Aubrey will you marry me?". It was so sweet. I ran down on the side of a hill so I wouldn't be seen - laid down in the grass and prayed I didn't get smacked in the head by golf ball LOL.

After Aubrey and her family teed off, they got up to the green, and Spencer led Aubrey out to the green where he popped the question. She was definitely surprised, and so was her mom!

After SHE SAID YES! we took the golf cart for a spin and hit up some nice spots on the course for them to remember the day forever. When we got back, Aubrey's grandma had arrived - and she didn't yet know the good news. Capturing her excitement was one of my favorite parts of the day!

Congratulations Spencer and Aubrey!


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